Special shampoos available for those dogs with skin issues and allergies.
Full grooming services available by appointment. Consultations are provided to address any special concerns or questions you may have.

Grooming needs differ with every animal. Special care is taken with each pet in determining hair and skin condition, special needs, and client stlying preferences. Your pet will enjoy the extra love and attention while under our groomer's experienced gentle hands!
Basic Bath: includes shampoo, blow dry, ears cleaned and nails trimmed

We also offer:
        Breed Specific Groom Styles
        Puppy Cuts
        Shave Downs
        Glad Expression
 Cost depends on size of dog, length and condition of coat (such as matting) and style requested.

Nail trim only - $15.00
From Scruff to Buff...
It's time to get your groom on!